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Not posting on Facebook

Note: this has something to do over my decisions not to blog on Facebook. All trademarks, regardless of its status, are owned by their respective owners. Sadly, this is to be posted only on my wordpress-hosted blog. Don’t worry. This will show up via the links section of my Facebook profile.

Ever since I joined Facebook, I have found its use to be easy. Except for one thing – posting on their blogging platforms.

I posted blogs on most of the social networking accounts that I’ve joined. However, I’ve lost count of the number of accounts in those sites. Worse, I haven’t updated them (one wasn’t updated for over three years going four). That fear could has already extended to my Facebook, Twitter and ThisIs50 accounts, which were activated early in the year.

From time to time, I make posts on various sites, including on my blogger and wordpress accounts. At one time, I cross posted on some of my accounts – which is a bad thing, since my readers are confused.

From that time on, I decided to make my posts on my wordpress account, with a good chance that my posts from blogger will be in wordpress under the “from bloggerland” category. For my MySpace posts, they will be obliterated after a majority of my posts were deleted since I don’t own these copyrights, anyway. How about friendster (where my firsts posts are)? I will import it as soon as they allow its users to put their posts under a Creative Commons or a similar license. How about multiply? Copyrighted like MySpace but hopefully, they can allow users to opt in the licensing of their work under a free (and commercial) license.

Anyway, the real reason why I don’t want to make notes on Facebook are the following reasons:

Redundancy (since they want to get to that one source instead of many) and Maintenance (since you need to update many blogs, you get screwed – by the connection, the time, and by the conlicting terms of service for many blog hosts). Got that? Good. Now I have one less fucking worry.

BTW, neither facebook nor friendster are better. Every social networking site has its strengths and weaknesses, and those things make them special. Good evening, Philippines, and keep blogging! WE ARE AN OASIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A DRY LAND!