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OSM Editing marathon

Since I turned on my computer six hours ago, I’ve decided to make a few more edits on OpenStreetMap. However, that “few more” became eighteen changesets (as of last count) and that includes six changesets within or near Manila Memorial Park (where Cory Aquino is to be buried within an hour or so). Not only that, I estimated the course of a string of power lines, but an edit gone haywire nearly derailed it. Thankfully, I found “a way out” of that scenario and managed to connect (not merge) three to six power line ways.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I had clocked in over 70 changesets for the last five days. Does it mean that I have edited too much? Or is it me trying (desperately) to improve OSM data while beating the big G at the same time?

Maybe I should go out four times a week, collecting GPS traces so that I can get badly needed exercise and another chance to beat Google.