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keep right! and footbridges

First, keep right! checks for data inconsistencies on OpenStreetMap. Since it went global (with the exception of North America as of press time), some OSM editors went on an error cleaning and fixing spree, of which I am part of. There were some exchange of words regarding its application in the Philippines, which means that most of the major islands in the Philippines will be connected to each other, since the RoRo routes will be added.

However, there is one more issue brought up by keep right! – footbridges. They are supposedly built to protect pedestrians from fast vehicles and to ensure a smoother flow of traffic (since at-grade foot crossings cause some traffic jams), but they are essential parts of OSM data. However, most of the footbridges on OSM aren’t connected to the streets, roads, avenues and highways. In keep right! talk, they are floating islands. Now the question is: how should we connect these footbridges without screwing up the streets?

I made an edit in the Pasay Rotunda area, and that edit connected the some stretches of the Taft Avenue footbridge to EDSA and Taft Avenue. To make sure that there is some proper and consistent routing, I’ve decided to add foot=no on one stretch of EDSA. I’ve also connected at least two footbridges along the Pasay stretch of EDSA (which is also known as Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) as well, so that they don’t have to be floating islands.

If this is done, maybe we don’t have such problems. But then again, we may have created new problems along the way.

Anyway, keep mapping and stay tuned to this blog – you’ll find out in a week.