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you stressed too?

I got back from another stressful week in Los Baños, and I was able to do a few more edits on OSM. Sorry, but I made my point on twitter regarding the assasination of Danny Yang, and I really don’t need to post about it or on my other blogs. It really sucks when that kind of shit happens.

Anyway, I was able to make a few more traces for OpenStreetMap (as usual) but didn’t upload them at the same night, since I had to fix some traces, check my email (and try to find out where is the fucking Neverland Ranch on OSM). I still can’t believe that I outmapped the MapMaker contributors in eLBi, even though they added most of the streets and amenities that I first added. Is this flattery or what? The last time I checked (at 8:35 PM), they don’t have the Rosemary-Mint Alley nor the various footways (and 4-8 dormitories that aren’t rendered on OSM – yet) and some of the parking spots in the UPLB area. For me, I don’t consider the MapMaker contributors as competitors or rivals (though some of them may have the same passion that I have with OpenStreetMap). I have my goals, so do they. If you are a Google MapMaker contributor from Los Baños (specifically from Batong Malake), I dare you to “convert” me to your side, while I do the same. Steve Coast ain’t my boss, but I know that there is a purpose for me to do my “cartographical activities” in that place: making sure that they don’t get lost.

SInce it’s another Friday today, let me remind you that if they are worried that you’re lost (but in reality, not lost), they must be paranoid. If your phone’s keypad doesn’t work, try to fix it. And if your phone’s keypad works, good for you.