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Not lost in Los Baños

Just hours ago, they started to look for me in various parts of Los Baños since I didn’t replied to their calls and messages. Actually, I’m now mapping a place called Marymount village (to be taged as a hamlet) in Anos.

I have done so in a previous time, but within a limited area. But since I have a feeling that the access road (more of a track) from the Umali Subdivision area will be closed (or its access restricted in some way), I decided to map the place anyway (and have some exercise and have a good advantage over Google Maps in one way or another). One dog tried to brutally harrass me, but it failed to cause me pain. Other than that, it’s just barking dogs (they are very annoying) and some long winding streets.

I’ve learned something today – either you tell them where you’re really going or you try not to act nervous in front of the canines. Maybe both, but this could mean that I can’t map new areas within Los Baños for a while. Maybe another trip to San Pablo City’s back roads on a motorcycle (probably in the weekends of July and August) will offset the lack of activity in Los Baños.

Until then, tell your loved ones your real location (unless you have to), avoid dogs if necessary. And for me: GET A NEW CELLPHONE!