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Me stressed (6.22-26)

This week has been very stressful – start of “work”, and alot of bad news. Not only from places outside from my home city, but also from here.

The good news is that I have been able to map a good chunk of Los Baños, avoid most problems with the locals and at work, and lost some weight while mapping. It also helps when you tell Batong Malake officials the advantage of OpenStreetMap over the Google Maps. However, I still have a long way to go (especially in the UPLB area), but I managed to outmap Google Map Maker contributors in the area. The advantage of mapping the area is not only for expanding and improving the coverage, but also to help people in my own way (helping them not to get lost).

My concern for now is how to expand in Los Baños without having to neglect my home city? Simple: map San Pablo during the weekends, and make the most of it, like what I did in San Jose recently. Hopefully, I can do other portions of the city, especially in San Francisco and in Del Remedio. For now, I’ll have to make a few more edits on OSM, send a very important email, update my various social networking accounts, and put SWV’s Right Here on repeat mode in memory of Michael Jackson.

By the way, SWV used the instrumentals of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature for Right Here. Go to some place, don’t forget to put it on OSM.