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2010, duh?

When the ink dried on the Poll Automation bill, the open season has begun.

But even before the open season began, we see subliminal advertising posing as endorsements, promotions for their advocacies, and almost everything else. And I see that from the “national” candidates (a.k.a. the*-iables). How about the local candidates in my backyard? Mostly posting small billboards regarding their priority/pet projects or greeting people on a certain holiday. In fact, some of them are roaming their potential (or current constituencies) for some reason.

However, the extremely desperate/desparate are also upping the ante on their campaign to be the self-proclaimed Kings and Queens of the Philippine Isles. To be very honest about it, I am leaning (mostly) to Her (Mini-)Exellency when it comes to certain issues, policies and stands. It doesn’t mean that I’m one of her online lapdogs. I criticized the president (in a couple of circumsiances), cabinet members and subordinates and some of the decisions made at certain times (SLEX construction – crack the whip or take back Sabah -, typical bureaucracy, etc.) not because of accusations of corruption and all that, but because of the potential disasters that they accidentaly or deliberately created.

Because I don’t use crystal balls, might as well make a mouse potato’s analysis regarding some of the candidates for president (and possibly) vice-president.

  • Jejomar Binay – the parking fees in your kingdom are too expensive, which means it’s extortion time. the traffic enforcers of Makati today are similar to highwaymen in the old days, only with yellow uniforms and designated to exort from poor motorists.
  • Erap Estrada – the bigest no so far (from me)
  • Ping Lacson – wait a minute… a big no.
  • Chiz Escudero – like what I said on Good Times with Mo on Election Day 2007: No Action Talk Only. It means an honest no.
  • Among Ed Panlilio – fix Pampanga first. You can be an adiser for the next chief executive, but the answer is no.
  • Manny Villar – undecided but likely to have a positive answer
  • Mar Roxas – just two words: fu** no.
  • Dick Gordon – though he has done very good things for tourism and the Red Cross, his involvement in the 2009 ICRC kidnapping was a bit disappointing.
  • Gilbert Teodoro – stay at the Defense department. You are most needed there.
  • Noli de Castro – wait and see, possible yes
  • Bayani Fernando – wait and see, possible yes provided that he uses less pink on Metro Manila’s streets.
  • Bro. Eddie Villanueva – No. Know what is for God, know what is for Caesar, as they say.
  • Loren Legarda – Although a stateswoman in her own right, it would be better for her to stay in the Senate (which means a no), retire from politics in 2013 (when her term as senator expires), and concentrate in various advocacies.
  • Jamby Madrigal – a no prevents some sort of electric shock. the Madrigal clans should instead concentrate on their various business enterprises, not in politics. You’re time is up. Let the rest of us be statesmen. Also, she sucks in things that involve “in aid of legislation”.

Unless there’s Charter Change (which could mean extremely positive change if it wasn’t railroaded by the elite), there will be one more reason for me to uphold my rights as a F. I. L. I. P. I. N. O. citizen.

Don’t forget: If you’re going to vote in 2010, might as well print, laminate, and reproduce this pic below (from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA 1.0, 2.0, & 2.5)

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