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Fuck you PETA (Because we’re human)

Attention-seeking. One of the things that persisted since we started to exist at around (either 4.7 billion years ago or approximately 5-7 thousand years ago). Some people are good at it, some suck at it. But when you talk about the big concerns and whatnot, you get big time attention. Especially if it’s all about the animals.

The “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (and not humans)” are making noise (again) because they don’t want more animals in Manila Zoo. They are the same bunch of “animals” that want to convince us to go vegetarian or vegan, and close down the same zoo that brought a bit of joy (and a lifetime of memories) to a lot of Manileños, Filipinos, and tourists alike.

They say that the animals in Manila Zoo are suffering. I say let them try to run the fucking zoo. They’ll free them, and Manila ends up with no city-run zoo. If this happens, we’re at the losing end. Same shit, different scenarios. Those bitches want to close down industrial parks, fuck up tourist spots, shout on the streets and degrade as many people as they can (who aren’t on their side and/or subscribing to their myopic beliefs) or fuck anything that’s good for our country.

Force anyone (especially me) to go vegan? Not before I drink my embutido shake and spit it at them! Sure, I can go on for days without meat. But you can’t, because some of the food that I like are meat and its by-products. You people (especially the famous ones) don’t need to shove that crap onto our throats. In fact, I’d like to raise a bunch of chickens, use half of them for sabong, half of them for food. Everyone can bitch about basic human rights, but animals never have any rights whatsoever. Suck it, Yasmien. As far as I know, they are exempt from the Ten Commandments.


btw, PETA kills at least 75% of the animals that they supposedly rescue.