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lights off, sanity on

In 75 minutes, I’ll join at least 9.7 million Filipinos and around 875 million or so people worldwide in turning off their lights by 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. However, this computer has to stay on in order to provide and receive some updates regarding this (somewhat) annual event.

We have done our efforts to delay an annual summeresque weather in every place on Earth, my place included. Obviously, this the biggest campaign ever to make sure none of us endure the kind of heat in some beach in our homes and offices.

And since the Poll Automation bill was signed last Monday, it’s open season for the 2010 elections in the Philippines. I hope that Juan de la Cruz should stop being starstruck, money-centered, and enchanted by some politicians’ gimmicks come election day. Vote for the smart guys, competent ones and those who are truly into public service. Sorry Mr. Binay, you’re not qualified for the presidency.