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Using OpenStreetMap in onlne articles

Minutes ago, I just found out that a news website uses OpenStreetMap to locate a certain news article. Found here, (and I can’t understand a word from the article, since it’s in German), and I believe that this should be emulated in the Philippines.

How? You can just place it at the end of the article, with the correct caption (for the former: location of Barangay Silangan, Cubao, Quezon City, where…; for the latter: location of Pandi, Bulacan, where…):
This article = somewhere here

Another article = Another location

Also, OSM is now having a transition period: changing its license from CC-BY-SA 2.0 to ODbL 1.0, and it will be in effect by this summer (if you’re talking about the Philippines, for everyone else it’s by April 2009). For as long as my contributions in OSM are (or can be) dual licensed (CC-BY-SA & ODbL), it’s good news for me.

Another month survived, ten more to go. Since the life story of a fellow San Pableño will be shown tonight, I do hope that she can have a more dignified life than her current condition. (Clue: popular actress Angel Locsin wil star in it)

See you next month!