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Fix PinoyExchange

In the recent hours and minutes, I have seen some posts made by PinoyExchange users (or PEXers), which are related to the topic (there are many). But some of them are off-topic, have flamewars in it (especially in the entertainment section, when it come to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. and GMA Network Inc. and its roster of talents), and worse, there are annoying spammers and nosey PEXers who do nothing but to mangle certain topics. One of them is about the transition of our country from analog to digital. On the first 2 pages, everything looks clean, but when you approach page 4, you get fucked in the ass. Not only that,some (banned) users attack either ABS-CBN or GMA because of…

* Money spent for the digitalization (PHP 1 Billi for the former against PHP 35 Milli for the latter)

*Signal Quality

*The past (who was the pioneer, who sold out to the marcoses, shady past, Freddy Garcia’s participation in Cory Aquino’s campaign, etc.)

and some PEXers joined in to rant another PEXer’s kabobohan (stupidity). This is very unaceptable, and they should instead solve it with a streetfight. Alas (as the oldtimers would say and write), it will never happen, as their identities will be hidden for the rest of this net-wired generation. Kudos to VE_RI_TAS for brining up the thread, which was ruined by some unscrupulous punks (sorry for the spelling and the language used).

This situation applies to ALL threads on PinoyExchange. Though the admin (Ada) and the moderators are doing a very, very very fine job, they need to DO MORE. These are my suggestions to fix PEX:

First, purge most, if not all posts by banned users (unless they make any sense. in most cases, they don’t.

Second, recruit and/or find more moderator candidates, so that the backlog of requests of PEXers will be cleared. But make sure that they are unbiased or else we might have a problem on our hands

Third, make sure that there is a content moderator online at all times per forum (movies and TV, Radio, News & Politics, etc.) to prevent any unwantd content, flamewars, and similar content.

Fourth, control their users. Give them a five strike warning, in which the 4th warning means one month ban and 5th warning means banned for life and the IP Address in which the banned user is using is blocked from making new accounts on PEX.

If there is at least a better way to fix PEX, better tell me or tell that to the admin and the Moderators.