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nine nine on o-nine

Happy new year to everyone. I’m not dipping my fat fingers to that problem in the golf course. Let them settle it like gentlemen or settle it like Israelis and Palestinians (or heavily armed drug dealers in their petty turf wars)

2008 is a horrible year for me. Despite a more sedate lifestyle on the internet, everything went downhill since (presumably) September. Kicking the judge is the new version of nuking the fridge. I wonder if they can live without him (clue: opposite of yes). Also, I joined OpenStreetMap, which mostly outweighed the bad points of the previous year. Not only that, I believe that some of my contributions boosted OSM’s coverage of the Philippines (plus, San Pablo City has good coverage that will be fixed in a matter of time).

One particluar event kept me out of school, but it’s pretty much the same for November and December (if you cancel out the legal trauma and visits to people who are quite concerned, plus my father’s job of providing food for the family), and I got more or less 500 pesos for Christmas. Too little for most, too much for some.

Big shoutouts to maning sambale (he posted one of my flickr pics here on his blog; he has 14 images of OSM edits in various places in the Philippines) and the rest of the Pinoy OSM community. I’d like to wake up one day and see that 38% of the Philippines is covered.

And I also expect the music scene (in America) to mostly suck in 2009, with the notable exceptions of Dwayne Carter and Curtis Jackson. This should be a taste of something that doesn’t suck in 2009 (and probably never will). Again, happy new year, and check out this blog in a week for a new one, since it’s fiesta time in San Pablo City.

and on January 18, i’ll be off mapping somewhere in the SM Mall of Asia Complex. No time to end this, gotta publish it…